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With over 30 years of experience in the business, Jimmy’s is the place for all of your Lawn Care needs! Whether you need full lawn service just to a basic lawn mow, we are just a phone call away. With the best quality equipment, we deliver the best quality customer service. Contact us today to book your schedule…we will get you lined up.

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Compaction: A condition that occurs primarily in the upper 1 to 1 1/2 inches of soil. Compacted soils have reduced air spaces and more resistance to root growth than noncompacted soils. Compacted soils are dense and cause water to puddle and run off.

Core Aeration: The mechanical removal of small cored of soil and thatch from the lawn.

Dethatching: The process of removing the thatch layer from turf. This process is usually done mechanically with a dethatching unit or power rake.

Power Rake: Turf equipment that mechanically removes thatch with rigid wire tines or steel blades, which slice through the turf and lift the thatch debris to the surface for removal.

Thatch: The layer of dead and decaying plant tissue located between the soil surface and the green vegetation. A thin layer of thatch is beneficial because it reduces soil compaction and it increases wear tolerance. However, a thatch layer of 1/2 inch or more prevents air, light and water from reaching the turf’s root zone. Thatch also makes an excellent breeding ground for harmful insects and disease organisms.


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